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23 Weird Golf Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You never know what’s going to happen out on the golf course! Every shot is different which is what makes golf so unpredictable and addicting. The following post is a collection of weird golf facts and trivia you probably didn’t know before!

· Only 20% of golfers can break the score of 90 on the course

· The chances of making two holes in ones in the same round is one in 67 million! (Kassandra Komma made two holes in ones in the same round!)

· 125,000 golf balls are hit into the water on the famous #17 island green hole at TPC Sawgrass each year

· The rarest score of all (the condor) is when a golfer makes a hole in one on a par 5. This score is so unique, it has only been recorded 4 times!

· Golf is one of two sports played on the moon. The other being a javelin throw

· The longest putt verified by the Guinness Book of World Records is 395 feet.

· The most golf holes played in a single year is 11,000 by Richard Lewis in 2010.

· Las Vegas’s Shadow Creek golf course is the most expensive course to play at $500 for 18 holes

· If you choose to walk for 18 holes, you will walk roughly 4 miles and burn around 2,000 calories!

· Tiger Woods made his first hole in one at the age of 8

· Golf was invented in 1457 in Scotland

· The term “birdie” came from golf Ab Smith who used to call the score, “a bird of a shot”

· Lightning has stricken Lee Trevino… Twice!

· The ideal golf ball has between 380 and 460 dimples

· 23% of all golfers are women

· The most massive golfing green is 28,000 square feet at the International Golf Club in Massachusetts

· The highest golf course in the world 14,335 feet above sea level and is in Morococha, Peru

· The longest hole in the world a 964-yard par 7 located in Sano, Japan

· The driver swing speed of an average woman golfer is 62mph and 96mph for an average LPGA professional. Average male golfer 84mph and 108mph for an average PGA Tour player. 148-152mph for a national long drive champion.

· Phil Mickelson is right-handed but learned to play left-handed by mirroring his dad as a child.

· Golfers used to use mounds of sand to tee up the ball before golf tees were used in the 1920’s.

· The first golf balls were made of feathers and leather

· A study done in 2015 found that there are 34,011 golf courses in the world

I hope you remember some of these facts next time you are at the dinner table or out at trivia night!

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