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House Alcohol Policy



4 Seasons Country Club promotes responsible alcohol beverage service. While all the management and service staff of 4 Seasons Country Club have received training in the service of alcohol, the assistance of all the guests to 4 Seasons Country Club staff is needed to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.




4 Seasons Country Club and the Event Organizer/Host, on behalf of the Event and its guests, ______________________________________ (Event Convener/Host/Company) agree to the following:


1.  4 Seasons Country Club has the right to refuse alcohol service to a person who appears intoxicated.

2.  If problems arise, 4 Seasons Country Club has the right to close the bar and beverage service to all event participants and/or

3.  No shooters or doubles will be recommended to be served

4.  Limit of 1 drink (maximum) per person at bartenders discretion, as the event progresses throughout the evening, each guest must come to the bar for their own beverage

5.  4 Seasons Country Club encourages the event to provide alternate transportation to guests who choose to consume alcohol during the event and its following activities

6.  Event guests are not allowed to bring their own alcohol on to 4 Seasons Country Club property which includes the golf course, parking lot, and clubhouse/tent

7.  4 Seasons Country Club reserves the right to check guests bags if there is a reasonable belief that the guest has brought his or her own alcohol onto 4 Seasons Country Club property

8.  4 Seasons Country Club staff has the right to have guests removed from 4 Seasons Country Club property if guests have brought their own alcohol onto 4 Seasons Country Club, if the guest(s) are intoxicated or if the guests conduct and behavior is deemed detrimental to the safety and enjoyment of other guests and club staff

9.  The event convener/host shall hold 4 Seasons Country Club harmless for damages that may arise from a guest’s intoxication, conduct and/or behavior

10.  ALCOHOL may NOT be used as gifts/prize/wedding favor

11.  Your event guests must be 19 years and older to be served alcohol, ID will be checked at the discretion of the bartender. No ID, No service; if your guest appears to be under the age of 30

12.  Age of majority patrons is prohibited from purchasing, giving or sharing alcoholic drinks with underage patrons. Anyone warned and asked to cease providing alcohol to a minor may, at the manager’s discretion, be asked to leave the event if the problem persists

13.  There will be no last call announced by host or DJ

14.  The use of illegal drugs by a guest/host is prohibited by law

15.  A credit card imprint is required for any tabs. Tabs are charged a 18% service fee.

16.  The conveners’/host are liable for any damages incurred by any guest attending their function


I agree to the above conditions and information covered in the wedding/golf package &/or banquet agreement/golf contract; and assist in making my guests aware of such.


Signature(s): __________________________________________ Date:_________________


__________________________________________ Date:_________________




Provided by: _________________________________________ Date:_________________


(4 Seasons CC- Representative)

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