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Behind every successful operation, there is a family, with the determination to see their dream and vision come to life and continue to thrive year after year.  You need to be able to rise to every challenge and be a little bit wiser, especially in tough economic times and especially through a pandemic (Covid-19).


From the outside, it often looks easy but if you have ever tried your own business or worked in one, you will know the depth of commitment it takes to solve life challenges and return the next day to start all over again. 


Our ability to overcome each problem resulting in the creation of one of the nicest family owned and operated golf clubs in Durham Region.


Through our passion and dedication as a family to provide our customers with a unique golf course; 4 Seasons Country Club, would not continue to exist today.


We trust that one day we will have the opportunity to share with you, our facility and family experience.  

Celebrating 36 years of business July 1, 2021.



Karen Simpson

General Manager

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Karen & Her Girls




Bogey & Paul