We hope this message finds you healthy and well. While the COVID-19 situation is fluid and can change by the day, as of right now 4 Seasons Country Club is open for business; however the clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.

Monitoring this situation will be daily and ongoing, so it would be best to check ahead to ensure there are no new developments before venturing out.

The safety and well-being of our family/staff and our golfers is our number one priority and for this reason we have enacted the following measures and precautions that must be adhered too; for us to operate the course for the 2020 & 2021 golf season.

Golf now has an incredible opportunity to lead, not to mention an obligation to set a safe, responsible example for other sports and activities.”  Done right, this is a chance to show how golf as an industry, and community, can not only weather this crisis but come out of it in a positive light.”

Things to know before coming to the golf course with COVID restrictions:
  • If you are feeling sick, please do not come to the golf course.   STAY AT HOME & IN ISOLATION!!

  • We will be accepting payment for your green fee, ONLINE.  

  • Golfers to maintain guidelines on social distancing during their entire round.

  • Food/beverage/pro shop items will  be available at check in, at the clubhouse.

  • We have decided to set the course up in a different playing format for COVID restrictions (such as power car usage/availability).  This will allow those that wish to walk and not take a power cart to do so easier.  Instead of the traditional front nine (1-9) and back nine (10-18); we will now have the upper nine and valley ten (a bonus hole if you play the valley).

  • The upper course will consist of Holes 10, 11, 12a (playing to the first green), 12b (playing to the second green), 13, 6, 7, 8, & 9.  There will be no hills to climb and all holes on the upper nine allow for an easy walking course to be played.  This is our winter season layout.

  • The valley course will consist of Holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14-lower tee only, 15, 16, 17 & 18.  There will only be one way to return out of the valley – which means only one main hill to climb after Hole 18.  This will allow those that still wish to walk, making it more manageable to do so; otherwise, renting a power cart.

  • The option will be to play 9 holes only (upper), or combining the upper and valley to play the full 19 holes; with the upper course being played first, followed by the valley course in its entirety. When COVID restrictions start to be lifted, we will then return to the regular course playing format.

  • NOTE: For those golfers that have Pre-Paid Golf Rounds,  Cyber Monday Twosome’s,  Game 10 Packs, or Gift Certificates; are to book their tee time directly with Karen/or staff on duty. Please do not book a tee time on line, the system cannot recognize your purchase that has already been made.

  • Please note: that this process is all new for all of us and we will do our best to accommodate your golfing needs; during COVID-19.


At the golf course:
  • All golfers MUST book a tee time in advance to play golf & pay online prior to your arrival. TEE TIMES WILL BE MANDATORY. NO WALK-IN’S during the COVID-19 Restrictions. Tee times will be spaced 12 minutes apart.  We ask that you arrive only 15 minutes prior to your tee off time, to minimize contact with other golfers & staff.  You will be required to stay at your vehicle until called to the tee.

  • Power carts are now fitted with a plastic divider, which allows the driver and passenger to be separated.  Permitting two riders per cart, which is back to being normal.  Our cart fleet now functions normal again.

  • Restrooms will remain open (at clubhouse only) (course washrooms will remain closed at this time), with sanitation in these areas each day.  SANITIZING/WASHING YOUR HANDS PRIOR TO & FOLLOWING THE USE OF WASHROOM/ or BEING IN BUILDING –A MUST.

  • Use social distancing from your playing partners. There will be no close interaction amongst

         golfers (ie – no hand shaking, touching partners golf balls, clubs, pin, etc.)

  • Do not pick up your playing partner’s clubs/golf ball on the green after the hole is complete.

  • We ask you to please forgo the traditional after round handshake.

    • Golfers are to wait in their cars/parking lot, until instructed that they can tee off

    • Club rentals will NOT be available at this time

    • Rental pull carts and power carts  with be sanitized after each use.

    • We will have the putting cup on the green with a pool noodle blocking the hole, the noodle is cut 1" below the  putting surface now. Please do not remove the flag sticks from the cup during your round.

    • There will be no ball washers on the course and no sand trap rakes - that has always been the normal here

    • Scorecards will be handed out at check-in or you are more than welcomed to print your own copy.

  • Please note:  For those individuals that do not comply with new COVID-19 playing guidelines, will be asked to  leave 4 Seasons Country Club property immediately - NO REFUNDS.  Please, do your part to keep you and others safe.

After your round:
  • We ask you to kindly take home any garbage you have created during your golf round, or be sure to throw away all of your trash, in the garbage cans (avoiding any touch points); not discarded on the ground –PLEASE. 

  • Please sanitize &/or wash your hands immediately following your round.  Hand sanitizer has been placed in key areas around clubhouse/ & starting tee area

  • The clubhouse, patio and all seating areas are closed, until further notice.

  • We kindly ask that you depart for home right after your golf round, no loitering – Please.

                  We do welcome a friendly wave or smile from the comfort of your vehicle upon your departure.

Keep in mind; we are All In This Together.


Karen Simpson

General Manager, Owner Operator

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